TRAVELLERS who have set up an encampment at Moorlands Park are unlikely to be evicted quickly due to coronavirus restrictions.

The council became aware that travellers had arrived in the park on Tuesday, May 19, and officers visited the site the following morning.

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The group moved in despite provisions such as toilets, rubbish collections and water facilities being in place for the travelling community at Meadow car park during the pandemic.

A council spokeswoman said: "It appears the group gained entry by breaking the height barrier that was restricting access to the park.

"We will be starting eviction proceedings as soon as possible.

"However this may take longer than usual with limited court availability due to Covid-19 restrictions.

"The council has been supportive of the government guidance in relation to the travelling community during the current emergency.

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"Since the beginning of April we have provided a stopping site at Hill’s Meadow car park, with toilets, rubbish collection and fresh water facilities.

"We have made the police aware of the situation and are working with them to encourage this group to make use of this site."