PARENTS of the juniors of rugby club in Reading have proved they've got the balls to bare all in a calendar girls-style naked campaign.

In this challenging time, Reading RFC will be missing out on vital funding.

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The last few months of every rugby season are crucial, as they are typically the time the club earns enough money to tide it over the summer months, fund fixes and prepare for the fresh crop of players entering at the bottom of the club.

Parents of the team came up with a brave way to raise extra cash - by stripping off for the Naked Tackle Charity Calendar.

One of the dads, Chris Lewis, said the initial reaction from people "ranged from horror to extreme excitement."

He added: "Some people voted out, some needed a little light encouragement, but interestingly on the whole people were keen – it's great cause and something that we all had a vested interest in

"My son is mortified and wants no part of it, but everyone we have spoken to about it has found it brilliant and a great way to raise spirits in this isolation loneliness.

"The rugby club clearly are most grateful for any funds we can raise at this point.

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"It serves the community with around 900 members, and we have missed out on the end of last season which is typically the time we raise the funds to cover us over the summer, and get all the running repairs done to the pitches and infrastructure.

"The ladies in the group are now coming up with ideas too!"

The club members includes age groups from under-6s the whole way through to adult, veterans and even walking rugby.

Chris said: "The teams are doing really well right now, and the standard, especially in our age group (U15s), has been one of the best - if not the best - in Berkshire this season, with us topping the league tables.

"Great family atmosphere around the grounds and in the club house!"

Chris said that taking part in the calendar was "hysterical".

"It was a great chance for a bit of escapism in lockdown times," he said.

"My wife was wetting herself, and my son dying of embarrassment.

"But most importantly it brought us together as a band of “in the buff” brothers – great for our mental health especially this week with the mental health focus!"

But Chris is no stranger to the naked calendar, having been part of one before for a hockey club two years ago.

He said: "It was funny to do, a little embarrassing - but nothing a few stiff gins didn’t cure!

"That was more of a private thing so we didn’t distribute too many copies… The Naked Tackle is a much bigger beast!"

The team have printed 100 copies, which Chris said are 'flying off the shelves'.

People can get hold of their copy from the Reading Rugby Football Club shop for £20 by visiting the website here.