READING'S Sainsbury's has launched a bike delivery service for you to get your essential groceries delivered to your door.

Chop Chop is being rolled out this week in Reading and will allow customers living within 3km from Sainsbury's Friar Street to order up to 20 Sainsbury’s products from a tailored range of around 3,000 essential grocery and household items via the Chop Chop app.

Sainsbury’s is rapidly rolling out Chop Chop to 20 cities across the country bringing fast grocery deliveries by bike to customers outside of London for the first time.

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Once the 50-store roll out is completed, around 3.2 million households will be able to get Sainsbury’s groceries delivered directly to their door within an hour.

This will offer customers who are self-isolating or less able to travel to stores another way to get what they need.

The rapid expansion will support Sainsbury’s efforts to feed the nation and help meet unprecedented demand for home grocery deliveries.

Since the beginning of April, Sainsbury’s has successfully rolled out Chop Chop across London and trialled making deliveries from closed convenience stores for the first time.

Learnings and customer feedback from the trial have been used to improve the service further as the offer expands to supermarkets in cities across the country.

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The supermarket has already more than doubled the number of customer orders it can fulfil from these stores as delivery slots are typically all booked by 10am.

By bringing the offer to 50 stores across the country Sainsbury’s will increase capacity by a further 400 per cent.

Sainsbury’s is continuing to prioritise elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers for its Groceries Online delivery slots as well as exploring innovative new ways to deliver to more customers.