This hilarious footage shows good-humoured villagers making fools of themselves during lockdown after a resident put up sign stating: 'You are now entering the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks'.

Self-confessed Monty Python fan James Ruffell, 37, decided he would bring some humour to Sonning, where he lives during lockdown.

James put up a sign outside his house saying: 'You are now entering the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks, commence silly walking immediately' and filmed the pedestrian's reactions.

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He wasn't sure if his neighbours would take part, but soon scores of people were hopping, dancing, and walking in silly ways past his house - all caught on camera.

James said: "I'm a Monty Python fan. The films are great. We watched Holy Grail the other day and it still stands up.

"It's the basis for all modern comedy in my opinion. It's timeless.

"I put up the sign because I saw something similar in the states and we live in a quiet village with little traffic so I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

"I also set up a motion detection camera so it films people as they walk past, each night I go through the footage."

James said that around 10 people perform a silly walk past his house each day - the eldest participant being 75 - and the youngest just three-months-old.

He added that there are famous residents in the village, including George Clooney, Jimmy Page, and Theresa May - but they have yet to perform a silly walk.

James, a cinematographer, added: "I didn't know if any one would do it, but on the first day lots did. It seems that lots of people in the village have a good sense of humour.

"We've done four days worth of filming and we'll keep going til lockdown ends.

"It takes a while to go through all the footage, so we won't do it every day. I'll just pop the sign up now and again."

One woman in the video, walking her two dogs, can be seen raising her legs preposterously high in front of her, while others appear to be mimicking John Cleese's famous goosestep.

Another woman walks with her hands on her knees, crossing her arms over when her legs touch.

One young boy pauses to look to the left or right as he takes a pause between each step.

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James added: "It's just supposed to be a bit of fun. I've been posting the footage to social media in a close page and people in the village seem to be loving it.

"We've got quite a few famous neighbours. I'm hoping they get involved."

The Ministry of Silly Walks is a sketch from Monty Python's television show the Flying Circus, and featured in the first episode of the second season.