FOLLOWING the government's recent relaxation of some lockdown rules, golf clubs have reopened.

Owners of a Reading golf club had opened the site during lockdown for joggers and walkers to use the space, but this has now been closed in order for members to golf there once again.

Posting on the Facebook group 'Caversham Matters', a statement announced that the perimeters of Reading and Caversham Heath Golf Clubs have now reopened for members.

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Gary Stangoe said: "I should have written this earlier but the return to golf at short notice has been crazy.

"Our sincere thanks to all for the huge volume of positive e-mails and even some cards and chocolates which will be passed to our greenstaff.

"We are so pleased the courses have been used appreciated.

"We do have a few who perhaps haven't heard about the change and have had a near miss or two with flying golf balls so we will be putting out some new signs to remind all.

"It's been fun to share in what seems to have been a positive part of lockdown over the last 8 weeks or so.

"Once again, on behalf of all of the members of Reading and Caversham Heath, thank you."

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Walkers who had enjoyed the space have been thanking owners, commenting on the post with photos they had taken on the grounds.

Mehru Asad said: "Thank you.

"My family has loved enjoying the beautiful views and it greatly helped to lift the spirits of our little ones", while David Larsen added: "Thank you for the use of Caversham Heath the past weeks."

Oliver Hackett said: "Thank you so much to Reading and Caversham Heath, it’s been brilliant to have been able to have a complete change of scenery during these very difficult times.

"My two young girls have memories which I’m sure they will look back on with great fondness from the year 2020 when everything stopped.

"Thanks again."