WITH the UK on lockdown, The Reading Chronicle has become an even more important source of trusted local news and entertainment for the community.

As part of our Covid-19 campaign, we will be highlighting local newsagent heroes each week - showing you the people who are continuing to go into work in order to keep newspapers sold and delivered to thousands.

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This week we spoke to Chrishan, who works at One Stop, Theale High Street.

Chrishan has worked there for the past eight years, and humbly explained that his job has continued as normal since lockdown was implemented.

"We have been very busy during lockdown, which has been good.

"Everyone is following the guidelines - we have marks on the floor where people should be standing and maintaining a two metre distance."

Speaking about the importance of staying open during these times and providing people with newspapers, he said: "I think more than anything, habit is what keeps people coming back for news, and it provides people with a reason to get out of the house.

"People have always bought news from here and it hasn't stopped during lockdown.

"I would say people want to stay informed but also it is what they are used to doing, so it is important that newsagents stay available. We have been very busy and especially this week."


When asked about his keyworker status, Chrishan said: "I think not much has changed for me.

"I have had no bad experiences during lockdown - yet!

"I think people are supportive and are trying to stay as normal as possible.

"I have enjoyed the work as much as I usually do."

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Last week, we spoke to Rob Brighten, owner of Brighton's Newsagents, Woodley Park Estate.

He echoed the view that newsagents play an important role, and that locals have continued to show appreciation.

He said: "With people being in lockdown, they are more important than ever, but honestly it is has been challenging and remains to be.

"In all the years I have been doing it, I’ve never had to face anything like this before."