A SHOPWORKER who has helped spread joy from behind her till during the pandemic has gone viral online.

Asda worker Jennifer Paul-Medford has continued to spread cheer to the customers at the Tilehurst store at a time when anxiety, for many, is at an all-time high.

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But the constant positivity from Ms Paul-Medford and 'dancing behind her till' has eased peoples' worries as they shop for their groceries.

Asda took to Facebook to praise Jennifer, saying on their official social media page: "Everyone at our Tilehurst store loves our colleague Jennifer, who's always got a smile on her face and likes to sing and dance at her till."

Regular shopper Jennie Hull got in touch to say that Jennifer was such an inspiration for the way she always brightened up her day.

Jennie said: "She is the most genuine person you would ever meet.

"She's bubbly, friendly and she listens too.

"She is just everything you need in a person.

"Even if people are having a down day she will change that. She's just that sort of person."

Jennifer, who's worked at the store for 25 years, said: "It is touching, but it's just the way I am.

"It's just me being me, as I don't know any different.

"Being happy doesn't cost anything. I always tell people that I'm a very contented soul."


Other shoppers appreciate Jennifer too, with lots of people taking to a local Facebook group to say how much they appreciate her.

One said: "Jennifer is an absolute angel.

"She always goes the extra mile to help people and she really does brighten everyone’s day."

Another added: "She has always been the same, even when we were kids - love her to bits."

While another customer said: "The life and soul of Asda Tilehurst.

"Wouldn't be the same without her."

Other comments include: "She's like this all the time, always cheers me right up", "she’s brilliant, always happy, singing and laughing" and "I always leave smiling after going to her till such a cheerful lovely lady."