A breakdown which shows the number of coronavirus-related deaths by each postcode area has been released for the first time since the outbreak began.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recorded every death in England and Wales where Covid-19 has been mentioned on an individual's death certificate.

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The deaths, which occurred between March 1 and April 17, have either been caused by Covid-19 or the virus has been a 'contributing factor.'

The information used to produce the statistics is based on details collected when certified deaths are registered with the local registration office.

In England and Wales, deaths should be registered within five days of the death occurring, but there are some situations (such as referral to a coroner) that result in later registration.

Therefore, there may be some deaths involving Covid-19 that occurred in that period that are yet to be registered - meaning they will not be included in this analysis.

This means the true death toll may not be revealed for several months yet.

But to give you a better understanding of how the virus is affecting your area, The Reading Chronicle has analysed and published the postcode area of every Covid-19 related death in our region.

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All Covid-19-related deaths in the Reading and West Berkshire between March 1 and April 17​:


  • Reading Central: 1 death
  • Coley Park: 12 deaths
  • Whitley: 2 deaths
  • Whitley Wood: 3 deaths
  • Southcote: 4 deaths
  • Battle and Caversham Bridge: 4 deaths
  • Lower Caversham: 2 deaths
  • Caversham Emmer Green: 2 deaths
  • Caversham Heights: 1 death
  • Southcote: 4 deaths
  • Norcot North: 5 deaths
  • Norcot South: 1 death
  • Tilehurst South: 2 deaths
  • Tilehurst North: 1 death
  • Palmer Park: 3 deaths
  • Wokingham Road: 12 deaths
  • Leighton Park: 4 deaths
  • Kennet Island and Green Park: 2 deaths
  • Earley: 2 deaths
  • Lower Earley: 2 deaths
  • Lower Earley South: 2 deaths
  • Woodley: 3 deaths
  • Woodley East: 0 deaths
  • Sonning and Woodley North: 1 death
  • Shinfield: 1 death
  • Winnersh: 8 deaths
  • Southampton Street and Redlands Road: 3 deaths

West Berkshire

  • Calcot North and Little Heath: 2 deaths
  • Burghfield Common: 2 deaths
  • Theale and Beenham: 1 death
  • Purley on Thames: 1 death
  • Streatley and Pangbourne: 1 death
  • Thatcham south east and Bradfield: 4 deaths
  • Thatcham West: 2 deaths
  • Thatcham north east: 2 deaths
  • Thatcham north west: 2 deaths
  • Thatcham Town: 6 deaths
  • Hermitage and Cold Ash: 2 deaths
  • Chieveley, East Isley and Compton: 0 deaths
  • Lambourne and Great Shefford: 1 death
  • Kintbury and Boxford: 10 deaths
  • Mortimer and Aldermaston Wharf: 2 deaths
  • Newbury Central and Greenham: 2 deaths
  • Newbury north west: 2 deaths
  • Hungerford: 3 deaths

You can view the data by clicking here