FIREFIGHTERS have been scrambled to deal with a major fire tearing through a business site and engulfing a diesel tank and two vehicles.

Flames are pictured tearing through stacks of wooden pallets at the site just on the outskirts of Berkshire in Raghill, near Aldermaston.

A plume of thick, black smoke can also be seen billowing into the air.

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Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said it was first called to the industrial site shortly after 10.15am.

It confirmed crews were dealing with a fire involving wooden pallets, cylinders, a diesel tank, and had spread to two vehicles also.

Crew from Mortimer, Dee Road, Whitley Wood, Newbury, and Incident Command Unit from Maidenhead, the Water Bowser from Bracknell are all on scene. Support has also been brought in by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The force has urged people to stay away from the area, and has confirmed it has been brought under control.

Crews were on the scene for about three hours and 45minutes.