VILLAGERS are pleading planners not to let developers demolish a stable and build a garage in its place. 

Plans to build the three-bay garage on Back Lane, Stanford Dingley, have raised concerns the new building would block views from the village into the countryside.

Neighbours also said the garage would “spoil the look” of their own properties.

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Cheyenne Kirby, a planning officer at West Berkshire Council, said legally the land is meant for keeping horses, but the planning application is also seeking to allow use as a garden.

Originally, Stanford Dingley Parish Council objected, because the garage would be too big. Parish councillors suggested two bays instead of three.

They also said it was important to protect against people building in the green spaces “that flow into the village from the countryside”. In a letter to planners, the parish said: “Those green spaces between buildings are a defining character of the village.”

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However, the parish council later withdrew their objection, although it is unclear why.

Neighbours also wrote into planners objecting to the application, 11 people sent letters explaining why they were against the plans.

Harry Fullerton said: “My property, which is directly opposite where the garage is intended to be built, is a listed property dating from the 1650s.

“The garage is to be built very close to it, which will spoil the look of the listed property. The garage is to be built on land that is higher than my property, so it will dominate the views all the more.”

Councillors on the eastern area planning committee at West Berkshire Council will consider the application at a public meeting on May 13. They will then vote on whether to grant planning permission.

The planning meeting is the first one to be held remotely, with a video conferencing app. The council will livestream the meeting for the public to watch on YouTube.