THIS creative idea in Winnersh has now become an international trend after a resident has created 'Spoony-ville' - a place for spoons in the area to hang out and have fun.

The unusual sight of the misplaced cutlery started in Winnersh when a resident stuck two dressed-up spoons into the ground, titled ‘Wood-ee’ and ‘Metal-da’ spoony.

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Since then, more than 200 spoon characters now reside in Winnersh, with children and adults alike in the community taking part in the arty bit of fun.

‘Spoony-villes’ have also now appeared in parts of Australia and Scotland.

Karen Vass, of Winnersh, said: “I started 'spoonyville' as I was concerned about the local children’s mental health while everybody is in lockdown.

"So I wanted to give them something to do, and something to be creative with.

"I also wanted to distract adults from all the bad news recently.

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"I expected the council to just come and take them away or for people just to go 'what's that all about'.

"I did not expect it to get this popular, but it's nice to see."

To see the different 'spoony-villes' across the globe, or to start your own community, visit