AN ANGRY resident has launched an official complaint in the midst of lockdown after a 'touching' NHS tribute was created in Reading.

The council yesterday (April 29) created an eye-catching message in the road just outside the Royal Berkshire Hospital, thanking NHS workers for their ongoing efforts and hard work during the coronavirus pandemic.

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In a section of the London Road, the message reads: 'Thank you NHS and carers' with a heart.

It is hoped that the tribute will 'bring a smile' to NHS staff on their way to and from work.

One resident however, was not happy with the supportive gesture, and submitted a complaint to the department for transport.

They believe the tribute, which they described as a "stunt", contravenes road regulations.

They commented: "Government resource is not to be used for publicity stunts!

"Remove it before legal action takes place. Is this road marking in the highway code?"

Reading Chronicle:

Responding, a spokesman from Reading Borough Council said: "Reading is rightly proud of the amazing and selfless work of NHS colleagues and all carers in the town over the last few weeks.

"We strongly believe this small token of appreciation is widely welcomed by the people of Reading, and we hope it will provide a boost for hospital staff and carers who are at the forefront of this emergency as they travel into work every day.

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"The message of gratitude been welcomed by Steve McManus, chief executive of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, and the council has received many messages of support.

"We are certain the Department for Transport would welcome the message too.

"The road markings were provided for free by the council’s contractor Bellstan, and at zero public expense.

"There are a great many examples of similar messages of support being painted on roads outside hospitals up and down the country.

"In terms of road regulations, we did of course look at the road markings and regulations and carried out an appropriate level safety audit taking into account the location of the tribute marking, the current low levels and speeds of the traffic, the location of other road markings to ensure no conflicts, the location of pedestrian and signalised crossings and other factors such as the temporary nature of the road marking.

"An informed decision was then made by us to support the installation."