RESIDENTS have been left 'disgusted' following reports on the weekend of huge queues forming outside Reading's B&Q store following its reopening.

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DIY company B&Q, which has been designated as an essential retailer, reopened stores last week.

Pictures circulating on social media showed crowds of people lining the streets outside B&Q at Reading Gate Retail Park, Acre Road.

Many readers expressed their shock at this, with Rachel Cunnett commenting: "Ridiculous - why did B&Q open?"

This view was echoed by many readers.

Lisa Armstrong said: "What an absolute let down for our country", while Mark Holton said: "Seven people at a funeral but this many at B&Q. Pathetic."

Kim Martin added: "Surely there’s nothing that can’t wait until this is all over."

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Some however, agreed that B&Q stores should remain open.

Theresa Downes said: "My view is that if getting paint and standing in a proper social distancing queue keeps people in more and sane then it’s fine."

Since last week, 215 stores are now open, and B&Q plans to open the remaining stores across the UK by early May.

The store said it is strictly limiting the number of customers entering the shop at any one time.

All open stores have a designated queuing area outside, which have markers every two metres to help remind everyone to respect each other’s personal space.

B&Q also said that stores have two metre floor markers throughout as well as perspex screens at the checkouts.

Graham Bell, B&Q CEO, said: "During this time of self-isolation and social distancing, we're all learning new ways of living and shopping; we've watched how other essential retailers have supported social distancing in their stores and followed their best practice with trials at 14 stores.

"Following the success of the trials, with customers adhering to our social distancing measures, we’ve now opened over half of our stores.

"We're confident that our strict social distancing measures keep customers and colleagues safe while helping homes and gardens, as well as people's wellbeing, to be maintained.

"Whether shopping in our stores or online, we ask that all our customers follow the Government’s social distancing guidelines and shop responsibly only for what is necessary."