OWNERS of a Reading golf club which has been left open to the public to use for exercise during lockdown have had to send a reminder about what is permitted as the weather warms up.

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Posting on the Facebook group 'Caversham Matters', a statement recently announced that the perimeters of Reading and Caversham Heath Golf Clubs can be used by walkers and joggers only as part of the daily exercise allowed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday (April 23), owners had to make a new statement.

General manager Gary Stangoe said: "It continues to be a success on the whole but our new notice below has been updated as the good weather has brought along a couple of issues.

"Most of them is mainly because people hear about the land being available but don't know the details.

"Some want to argue the definition of essential exercise, but that's not for me or our staff to debate."

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Relaying the message to Facebook groups, a post on the group 'Caversham Matters', said: "During the lockdown period and whilst golf is restricted the perimeters of our land are available for:

  • Walking
  • Dog Walking (all mess must be collected and removed from the course)
  • Jogging

"No golf, cycling or other sporting activities are permitted

"Please do not use the middle of the course and stay well clear of greens, tees and bunkers.

"Use additional space when required to ensure essential social distancing is maintained when passing others.

"Our Greenstaff are classified as essential workers for the purpose of maintenance and security and please abide by their instructions at all times.

"Please remember this is still private property and is not a public park or open space. Failure to observe the above will result in the facility being withdrawn for use."