A VETS surgery in Tilehurst has relayed a heartbreaking warning to cat owners in the area.

Vets4Pets, based at Reading Retail Park in Oxford Road, posted a message to clients to reveal that a cat had died after being shot with a pellet gun.

Shocking pictures show X-rays taken of the cat, with bullets visible in it's face and body.

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Posted on the vet's Facebook page, the post, which showed the photos, read: "Dear clients, it with great sadness and absolute disgust that I feel the need to post these pictures.

"A beautiful pet, somebody's best friend has been shot with a pellet gun and he has lost his life.

"The danger is that the pellets were not detectable by just looking at him, and it was only due to one of them being a facial injury that it was brought to anyone's attention.

"Someone is out there shooting cats again so please, please be vigilant and keep a close eye on your fur babies.

"Please be aware that the photos may be disturbing but I want to spread awareness of just how easily this can be missed.

"Sweet dreams beautiful boy."

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The post has seen a strong reaction from locals, with many posting their condolences and shock.

One said: "My heart goes out to you, I will never understand some people."

Another said: "I can't believe people could do this! So sorry for you - poor little cat."