WOKINGHAM Foodbank have made complaints about customers in a local Sainsbury's after it was discovered they had been taking food from their donation boxes.

The organisation were concerned about having to move their donation box to behind the customer service counter in the Sainsbury's branch in Winnersh, Wokingham.

It is believed that some customers had been taking items from the boxes and paying for them,while others took them without payment.

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Annette Medhurst, organiser for Wokingham Foodbank, said: "At the start of the lockdown there were a number of reports about members of the public stealing from Foodbank donation points.

"Sainsburys made the difficult decision to relocate our collection trolleys to the customer service areas which unfortunately is not so visible for customers.

"It is incredibly sad, but understandable, that supermarkets felt they needed to take this action.

"We are working with Sainsburys to ensure that they are able to move their trolley back.

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"We have seen a 300 per cent rise in demand for our services so it is really important that donation points in supermarkets are clearly visible so that customers are reminded of our work in the community."

The donations box has now been moved back to the front of the store.

A spokesman for Sainsbury's said: "We are continuing to support Wokingham Foodbank and customers will find our donation point at the front of the store."