WOKINGHAM Council has had to correct a spelling blunder on a newly painted road, after one abbreviated sign to Woodley read as 'WDRY' instead of 'WDLY'.

The blunder was spotted earlier today along a road in Winnersh, as motorists approached Winnersh triangle.

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The road sign was intended to be an abbreviation of Woodley, allowing drivers to clearly see which way to go. However, they might have found themselves disappointed to discover that 'Woodrey' is nowhwere to be found in the area.

The mistake was quickly pointed out by residents on twitter, and a picture posted by Clare Revell prompting Wokingham Borough Council to respond with: "Our highways team are aware of this error and will be returning to fix it next week.

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"We will make sure they go via Woodley and not Woodry."

Within hours the road sign had been corrected by the council road team.