WE all need a bit of comfort food at the moment, and deliveries of all kind are our best friends as we are confined to our homes.

We asked Reading Chronicle and Bracknell News readers what their go-to lockdown take away is, and their preferred delivery service.

Poll results show that Chronicle readers prefer to use Deliveroo, with 35 per cent of the votes favouring this option.

Meanwhile, 31 per cent voted 'other', while 23 per cent voted Just Eat and 12 per cent opting for Uber Eats.

Reading Chronicle:

In Bracknell, readers prefer to use different delivery services.

The majority of voters, (31 per cent) picked 'other'.

Deliveroo came second however, with 28 per cent of the votes.

Reading Chronicle:

Following this was Just Eat (24 per cent), with Uber Eats once again coming last (17 per cent).

However, many commented to say they have not been ordering takeaways during lockdown.

Peter Pratt commented on The Chronicle Facebook post: "Prefer to eat food at home so that I know exactly what is in it, how it is prepared and cooked."

Anna Sellers added: "I don’t think any of those deliver to our house.

"But have been getting a papa johns delivered every other Friday and it’s the best pizza, not as greasy as others!"