FOLLOWING the movement of Boris Johnson into intensive care on Monday night, the public called for a 'Clap for Boris' event on Tuesday (April 7).

It comes after the nation started applauding NHS staff for their hard work during the coronavirus pandemic on Thursdays, dubbed 'Clap for our Carers'.

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This week, Clap for Boris began trending on Twitter as people felt the country should show support for the Prime Minister.

While some say the round of applause will show appreciation for Johnson's leadership during the crisis, others say it is not fair to 'single out' one patient of the virus when there are many others fighting for their lives.

We asked The Reading Chronicle readers if they would be joining in with the round of applause.

Reading Chronicle:

In a poll on the website, 45 per cent of readers who voted said they would be clapping, while 55 per cent said no.

Comments by readers also echoed the results.

Bianca Stuart said: "Are we clapping for everyone that also has symptoms of coronavirus too then?"

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Patsy Rox said: "I won’t clap but I do wish him a good recovery, I wouldn’t wish this virus on anyone", while Vicki Waud added: "I wish him well along with anybody else with this nasty virus.

"Nobody deserves this. I won't be clapping for him though."

Doreen Davis said: "It should be that at this awful time that the world finds itself in we should be sending good wishes and speedy recovery to everyone."

Most agreed that, whether or not they would be clapping, the Prime Minister deserved well wishes and support.

Nicola Harris said: "Get well soon Boris, - whatever your political opinions are, he is unwell and I for one wish him and everyone else suffering this nasty virus the very best wishes for a full recovery."