THE weekend is expected to be a warm one with temperatures expected to reach as high as 20C on Sunday.

With bright, sunny skies and some rain expected, the warning still remains for people to "stay inside" and abide by lockdown rules.

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But as we dream about walks in the park and sunbathing on the beach, what was the weather like this time last year?

Well this will make you feel a bit better as April saw rain, showers and more...rain.

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The Met Office explained April 2019 started off cool with showers and longer spells of rain, bringing sleet and snow to some places especially on high ground.

It turned colder with widespread overnight frosts between April 10 and 16, though often dry and sunny.

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Fast forward a year later and the general outlook for the UK will see "a good deal of sunshine" this weekend.

The Met Office expects that it will feel “warmer than recently, though turning windy in the west.”

“Sunday dry for many with warm sunshine in the east,” the forecaster adds.