A COMMUNITY in Earley have decided to collectively show their appreciation to all key workers during lockdown.

The group are taking time to thank those carrying on with their jobs during the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to show their support.

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Among these is Anuj Datta, who said: "With the NHS and healthcare workers receiving well-deserved recognition, our Neighbourhood Coronavirus Support Group covering Barrington Close and High Tree drive in are turning our attention to the unsung heroes, postmen and women and particularly the waste operatives who no doubt are being exposed to infectious waste and having to deal with a much greater workload."

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When waste collection workers reached the area on Wednesday (April 1), neighbours collectively took time out to thank them.

Mr Datta added: "It is wonderful to see such recognition for our emergency services, carers and associated medical professionals - they absolutely deserve it!

"However, much like the janitor at Kennedy Space Centre doing his bit to put 'help put man on the moon' there are many brave people, including those working in waste, grocery/food shops, fuel, utilities, media, telecoms, postal, delivery drivers and I'm sure, many, many more - who are no-doubt equally concerned with COVID-19.

"These few are knowingly putting themselves in harms way to allow us to safety lock down and maintain some semblance of normality.

"We owe them a debt that is impossible to repay so at the very least they should be remembered, acknowledged and thanked - from two meters away!"