WHILE most of us are safely isolating at home at the moment, there are lots of key workers out there working hard to keep everyone else supplied with what they need, or keeping them safe.

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Last week saw many of us 'clap for carers' as a way of showing our appreciation for these unsung heroes.

All NHS staff, supermarket workers, carers, teachers, social workers, delivery workers, emergency workers and many more are carrying on with their daily jobs to ensure their essential work continues.

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We asked YOU to send in pictures and messages of those heroes in Reading and Bracknell who should have some recognition.

Puja Bain, from Reading said: "I want to thank Richard from Morrison's delivery, who had been working so hard to ensure self isolating people like us get our groceries at our door step.

"Even in these times of hardship he was so energetic and enthusiastic to help all the people he can.

"Thank you to all the supermarkets and grocery stores!"

While Lesley Heath acknowledged the important work her partner does.

She said: "My partner Mick works for Aldi and together with the rest of his colleagues are continuing to go to work through this very scary time.

"Please be nicer to our shop workers, a thank you really does make a big difference to their day."

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