A WOODLEY resident who is battling cancer has spoken out to discourage other patients from searching their diagnosis online.

Caroline Kriss, a 59-year-old florist delivery driver, was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago.

She described herself as, at the time, being in denial of the severity of her condition, causing her to look up her symptoms.

This caused her to feel anxious, depressed or confused - much like the 30per cent of all other people researching their diagnosis, according to Macmillan Cancer Research.

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Caroline said: "I tried to see if there was a chance it could be something different to cancer and that the doctors had somehow made a mistake.

"I know that sounds ridiculous now, but the pressure to search online caused quite a bit of worry and distress, which only adds to the fear and worry you get when you’re diagnosed.

"You want to know everything about this alien bombshell that’s just turned your life inside out, so of course you want to look it up online.

Caroline urged people to speak to a professional, as opposed to reading online.

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She added: "Don’t believe everything you read online and instead rely on face-to-face or telephone contact with your medical professionals.

"Too much searching can cause more angst & overthinking.

"Joining support groups and charity forums online helped a great deal and made me feel less alone.

"Even though I’ve got plenty of family and friends, I didn’t want to burden them more and thought talking to other sufferers going through it helped a lot."

For more information, visit macmillan.org.uk/diagnosed-with-cancer.