PHONE: 0808 189 4325

VISIT: www.reading.gov.uk/coronavirussupport


A dedicated phone line has been set up by the council amid the coronavirus pandemic for those who are vulnerable and in urgent need of help.

The One Reading Community Hub action line – a place to connect people in need of help with volunteers, organisations and services who can support them during the Covid-19 outbreak – is now live.

Reading residents are being urged to only contact the hub if they have urgent welfare needs which a family member or trusted friend cannot help them with.

The number to call is 0808 189 4325. The line is open 9am-5pm, five days a week.

Reading Borough Council (RBC) leader Jason Brock said: “The challenge of tackling the spread and impact of the Covid-19 virus is greater than anything we have seen in many generations, but Reading is well placed to rise to that challenge.

“We need to quickly connect vulnerable people in need with the many volunteers, groups and organisations across the town who are ready and waiting to offer help and support.

“That is particularly important at this critical time.

“I would urge people in genuine need – and without other options – not to hesitate to call the One Reading Community Hub action line, or contact it online, where staff will collate information and link people in need of help to individuals, organisations or services which can support them.

“The hub is also the place where people and organisations can offer their time. We already know Reading is responding magnificently in terms of volunteers.

“This is about ensuring the help on offer is easy to access, meets people’s needs and is safe. Reading’s vibrant voluntary sector has mobilised, as has its business community. Now is the time to match them with people who need their help.”

What is the community hub and who is it for?

The One Reading Community Hub is a partnership between Reading Borough Council, Reading Voluntary Action and Reading’s wide and varied voluntary and community sector.

RBC says if you need help urgently you should check the government and council websites for information first and, if you cannot get the help you need to stay safe and healthy, then call the action line.

The hub will collect information and connect you with the right service or organisation in Reading to provide support, making full use of the town’s wide network of community and voluntary groups.

You should only ring if your need is urgent and there is no other option.

Residents, volunteers, businesses and organisations can also get in contact with the hub online at: www.reading.gov.uk/coronavirussupport Volunteers are needed, including those with public service experience and counselling skills and a car.

The hub cannot provide health advice and will direct people to NHS 111 if this is what is needed.