AS coronavirus fears intensify across the world, many in Reading seem to have taken on board government advice to self isolate.

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Reading Chronicle:

The usually hectic streets are currently deserted this lunchtime along the Oracle riverside, with pictures showing also showing an eerie emptiness in The Oracle shopping centre.

Employees of most companies are now working from home, with the impact of this visibly clear in the town centre as many businesses have shuyt up shop.

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Despite this, some do remain open and shoppers and workers can still be seen filtering through Reading's high street.

Pictures today show small groups sat together during lunch times and many more walking through the town centre together.

Reading Chronicle:

Yesterday (March 22) the Prime Minister warned that tougher measures could be imposed for anyone not taking government advice seriously.

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Reading Chronicle:

He will be giving his daily briefing and updates on the situation from 5pm tonight.

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