BIRTHDAY cake and a card from the Queen is how a Tilehurst resident will mark his 100th birthday, today (March 10).

Martin Lam, who turns 100 years old today, celebrated his birthday at an Age UK Reading lunch club he attends regularly, yesterday (March 9).

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The celebration, held at Chimney Court, Tilehurst, saw Martin receive a homemade birthday cake make by a volunteer.

Sitting down to speak with Martin about his milestone birthday, he revealed: "I feel amazed.

"I can hardly believe it."

Martin's family, including his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, will host a party this weekend to celebrate his birthday further.

Asking him the secret to a long, happy and healthy life, Martin explained: "I’m quite sure that this machine (pacemaker) has something to do with it.

"Otherwise I couldn’t tell anybody.

"I couldn’t give them a reason or a recipe.

"I don’t know.”

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As members of the lunch club sat down to play bingo, Martin revealed some of his fond memories as he reflected on his 100 years.

He explained: "My going into the Army was very important when I was twenty something.

"I trained for nearly a whole year in signals (communications) and that I think was the most important thing that happened to me when I was a young man.”

He also explained how he was offered a scholarship at the University of Cambridge and attended for one year before the war and another after the war.

Martin is expecting to receive a card from the Queen and explained "I’m especially not going out in the morning" to await its delivery.