WOODLEY 'SCAMMERS' were alerted to police after a councillor caught them out.

Wokingham Councillor for the Loddon ward Richard Dolinski posted on Facebook at the time of the incident, describing how three young women were standing in the town centre collecting signatures as well as cash and other personal details.

After speaking to two residents that he believed had been scammed of their money, he went to question them and their 'charity', named 'National Centre for the Deaf'.

Councillor Dolinski, Independent Wokingham, said: "I noticed the scam taking place in the Woodley Precinct, where three young women collected personal details under the pretence that this was a petition and were soliciting cash donations.

"I spoke to two residents that had been scammed out of £20 & £10.

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"The young girl who approached me handed me her clip board and pointed to a line asking me to sign and donate in support of a ‘National Centre for the Deaf’.

"When I questioned her she pointed to her ears and shook her head. At this point her accomplice came over and took her away.

"I was shocked by the number of names collected but more to the hundreds of pounds collected.

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"I called the police at 4.15pm to alert them of what was going on and they said that a police car would be dispatched to investigate.

"They also said, they were aware of a similar scam having taken place elsewhere."

Thames Valley Police are yet to comment on the incident that took place on February 22.