'TRIP HAZARD' tree roots in Woodley town precinct might be fixed with the introduction of a mini-community garden.

This comes after long-standing council concerns over the tree roots damaging the pavement and making a large trip-hazard for anyone walking around the area.

The plan, a project between Woodley Town Council, Town Centre Management and Wokingham Borough Council, is to build either a low-level brick wall or timber sleepers surrounding the trees and build the community garden.

Woodley Town Council leader Keith Baker said: "This long standing issue of trip hazards has now been addressed by a highly innovative solution.

"For Woodley residents it not only makes this area safer but it also provides a visually attractive scene including new seating areas for them to sit down and rest, meet friends or simply to eat their lunch.

"This is the third piece of the regeneration of the public space in the precinct and will enhance the area considerably."

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Residents have been given the opportunity to decide what they would like to see go into the community garden - suggestions include a variety of grasses, the use of moss to absorb carbon from the atmosphere, or a mixture of uses.

The council say whatever is chosen needs to be easy to maintain.

Pedestrians will still be able to walk on either side of the new garden in order to access shops.

Councillors will have received Woodley resident's opinions on what material should be used for the retaining wall by the end of February, and views for the content of the garden will be decided after six weeks of asking.

Brian Fennelly, town centre manager, said “The tree roots and consequent uneven pavement have been a cause for concern in Woodley Town Centre for some time.

"Nobody wants to remove the trees and the proposal of a garden surrounding the trees means we can address the safety issue of the roots and keep the trees in the town centre."

Residents can email suggestions to feedback@woodley.gov.uk or visit the Town Council website at woodley.gov.uk