A CALCOT woman taking her three dogs for a walk found herself saving the life of another pup after it got stuck in the water.

Wendy Collins was walking in Linear Park on Friday, February 21, when she saw that a dog had got into some trouble.

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Gloria Daykin, who isn't from Reading or familiar with the area, had been walking her dog Lady with her daughter-in-law Tracey and granddaughter Carla.

Lady, who is a good swimmer, jumped into the lake but her harness became tangled in the weeds and bramble below, and she became stuck.

Gloria said: "She was completely stuck and I thought 'I am about to watch my dog drown'.

"My daughter-in-law attempted to go in but her legs were also getting stuck, and she didn't want anything happening to her with her daughter also watching.

"This lady came out from nowhere and with three dogs of her own and just went straight into the water.

"I was on the phone with the fire service at this point who said they would come and were telling me to get her out of the water.

"I told her to get out but she said no.

"She saved Lady, who had at this point been struggling for 20 minutes and was getting tired.

"All I found out was that she was called Wendy - to me she is Wonderwoman Wendy."

Gloria added that she wanted to make people aware of the potential for danger to arise as a result of harnesses.

"I'll never put my dog in a harness again," she added.

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Wendy, who lives in Calcot, said: "I saw the dog swimming initially and then Gloria's daughter-in-law ran up to me to ask if she knew if there was any rope around.

"She said the dog was stuck and that she couldn't get to her and I just immediately said 'I'll do it'.

"Gloria was telling me not to as she was on the phone but I just thought: 'I don't care what they're saying - your dog is going to drown'.

"I just didn't even think about it - I didn't realise how cold it was until I had actually done it!

"I have three dogs - Holly, Fudge and Tyson - and as a dog-lover I just couldn't do nothing; I would do it for any dog.

"Gloria was so grateful and just kept thanking me. Luckily I live very close to Linear Park so I just went home to get dry.

"My dogs don't wear a harness but one once got stuck in that lake from their collar but managed to get free."

"I am so grateful to Wendy," Gloria added.

"We were right in the middle of the park and didn't know the area - I'm not sure the rescue services would have got there in time.

"Wendy saved Lady's life."