A MAN who returned from work to find a car in his living room said he feels 'lucky' that he already had plans in place to move out.

Peter Titlow, who works as head of sales for a car dealership, returned to his flat in Kennet Island, Whitley on Monday (February 24) to be met by police officers.

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He said: "I came home from work to my flat and saw that all the lights were on.

"I then saw a police officer with a fireman in the lobby, and they said: 'you best prepare for a shock'.

"I thought 'oh my God, what's happened?' and I walked into the flat and saw the car.

"This car was already parked in the carpark but had been pushed by another car.

Reports were received by police on Monday that a car had crashed into a flat in Drake Way.

A spokeswoman from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "At 7.53pm on Monday, 24 February, we received reports of a car that had collided with the ground floor of a flat on Drake Way, Reading.

"Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service crews from Whitley Wood, Wokingham Road and Dee Road were sent to the scene.

"Upon arrival, crews found that nobody was trapped and worked to make the scene safe."

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Mr Tidlow is currently staying in a hotel, and feels 'lucky' for the timing of the accident.

"As luck would have it, I'm just about to move out anyway," he said.

He added: "Hopefully I can move into my new place next week.

"I want to say thank you to Haslams Estate Agents and also Hallmark Property Management who have been incredibly helpful.

"I was very lucky that all none of my possessions were damaged.

"People tell me I should be angry but I say 'at who?' - it was nobody's fault, no-one was hurt and there was nobody in."