NEWBURY residents have been left baffled by a 'ridiculous' structure which has been placed at a park entrance.

People who live close to the Christie Heights park took to Facebook to ask why the restrictive barrier had appeared, with one saying: "Would anyone care to comment on why these 'structures' have been placed at the entrance to a park between Christie Heights and Horseshoe End?

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"I haven't measured them but I'm pretty sure a double-buggy or a mobility scooter with cover will not be able to get through!"

Reading Chronicle:

Located at the entrance to a park at Christie Heights, the structure allows only limited space for anyone to get through.

Many have reacted on social media to say that not enough space is given for double buggies and mobility scooters.

Melissa Neller commented on a Facebook post to say:"Omg! That's just ridiculous", while Vee Hoggard said: "My hubby has to go through sideways as his shoulders are too wide.

"Plus you really can't get a double buggy through (certainly not the fancy ones).

"I'm all for stopping the motorcycles driving through but it's a bit of a pain for the rest of us.

"I wouldn't have got my bike trailer through when I used it to transport the kids."

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A spokeswoman from West Berkshire Council said: "These are motorcycle inhibitors.

"The local residents have an issue with motorbikes abusing the footpath and spoke to their local councillor who in turn approached WBC Highways for us to address the problem.

"The motorcycle gates have been installed according to their specification and the specified width accounted for wheelchair users, mobility scooters and double buggies.

"It was designed to allow access for a “Tramper” - the largest type of mobility scooter on the market at the time.

"The issue here is that if they aren’t installed to create a tight gap then they do not prevent motorcycle abuse.

"Whilst not the most attractive of street furniture they have been used elsewhere and are proven to be effective."

Princess Gemma Gem commented: "I have seen people on motorbikes flying through where the picture is taken.

"Anyone to be fair could easily get run down an seriously injured by them!

"So I don’t think that it’s ridiculous, in fact what is ridiculous is the people that are riding their motorbikes through there and not caring about others safety!"