FOLLOWING road chaos on Friday (February 14), officials have confirmed that work had been taking place as a precautionary measure and that there are no ongoing problems.

It was reported on Friday that cladding had fallen onto Forbury Road from a nearby building, but it has since been confirmed that the cladding had come loose as a result of strong winds and was being fixed at the time.

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A spokesman for the building management team of 3 Forbury Place said: "A piece of cladding became loose in the recent storm and the on-site team worked with the emergency services without delay to mitigate risk to persons and property.

"The loose piece of cladding was removed and brought to the ground without incident."

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Passers-by said at the time that pedestrians were being stopped from proceeding under a bridge and Forbury Road was being blocked by a fire engine.

The spokesman added that a replacement panel will be installed following wind damage, but that no other faults were identified.