BUSES running through Lower Earley, Earley and Reading have been revised.

Reading Buses are providing the evening service from Earley Gate to Reading on the 19b bus service, with buses now running hourly until midnight, as opposed to the previous 8pm stop.

Furthermore, the new service plan will mean a 20 minute increase in bus frequencies from Royal Berkshire Hospital to Central Reading each evening.

The change in bus servicing is part of a plan to get more university students living on the Whiteknights university campus around Reading easier.

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Jake Osman, Reading Buses marketing and communications manager, said: “The extra journeys from Earley Gate to Reading should help residents on Whiteknights Road as well as students who live in the Halls of Residence along the road to get into town for evening entertainment.

“We hope that the students take the opportunity to use the service into town and then they can return on the claret 21 which operates all through the night and runs onto campus.”

The Orange 19b bus circuits from Chalfont Way, beside the ASDA supermarket in Lower Earley, past the Whiteknights university campus, past the Royal Berkshire Hospital and ends by St Mary’s Butts, Reading town centre.

For more information, visit reading-buses.co.uk