Here’s our roundup of five of the most important planning decisions made by Reading Borough Council this week.

Council approves “unsuitable” 3 house plan despite complaints the plan shows “lack of respect”

Plans to demolish garages and building three houses on a road in Tilehurst have been approved despite concern from neighbours

The plans for semi-detached two-storey three-bed houses with a garage at Norcot Road/Lemart Close were criticised by neighbours, who said the site is inappropriate for housing.

One neighbouring business said the plans showed a lack of respect.

He said: “We have just seen the amended plans and can see that despite what we said in our previous objection they propose to block us in with a fence.

“How do they propose we get our vehicles in and out? The shared access has to remain open, we need to be able to manoeuvre our vehicles, to be able to load and offload our deliveries and collections.

“Their continued lack of respect and consideration towards our business is astounding. Our objections remain the same.”

Another neighbouring business owner said: “I consider the area from the start of Lemart Close for the whole of its length to be more commercial than residential.

“I consider the road and the area surrounding the land proposed for development to be unsuitable and inappropriate for residential purposes.”

Two-storey extension refused to maintain “pleasing rhythm” of street

A two-storey side and rear extension plan at a house on Oakham Close, Tilehurst was refused.

The planning officer said the current houses are of the same style and design, providing a “pleasing rhythm and regularity” to the street scene.

He said the “unrelenting width of the extension” would add “substantial bulk and mass” to the property, which would detract from its original modest form.

One neighbouring couple said: “This proposal will dominate and completely change the open and spacious character of the Close.

“It is far too large and out of keeping with the existing properties.”

Extensions approved in Katesgrove after several changes

Part one and part two storey extensions were approved this week at a house in Katesgrove.

The plans, on Clent Road, were changed several times after being deemed “overdevelopment of the original property” and “unacceptable”.

After the changes, the planning officer decided the development is in accordance with relevant policies and granted planning permission.

MOT testing bay approved

A planning application to build a new MOT bay, car wash office and store on Oxford Road were approved.

The plans at Reading Auto Services, on 782-784 Oxford Road, include an acoustic enclosure around the washing canopy to reduce noise.

Reading Auto Services is an established car-repair and hand car-wash business looking to add MOT testing services.

Extensions in Caversham get council go ahead

Rear and front single storey extensions at a house on Chiltern Road, Caversham, were approved by the council after receiving no objections.