READING Festival organisers are facing a backlash following the announcement on the line-up for the 2020 event.

The acts, which were announced on Tuesday, February 11, have been met with criticism from some, who have pointed out that a large majority of those performing on the weekend are men, with very few female acts on the list.

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Lucy McCourt posted a tweet with the full line up against the line up with male acts removed, and said: "Lineup with the men removed.

"Where are all the women aye?" and tagged the official Reading and Leeds Festival page.

She said: "I think for me it stretches way past just the gimmick of the lineup edit, it's all about young girls having role models and if you don't address the issue you can't evoke change.

"I don't think there’s particularly a lot to say but as someone who tries their best to address the gender imbalance within the indie scene, I wanted to reiterate some of the thoughts I’ve expressed on my social media.

"It's not unusual to see predominantly male festival line-ups, there has always been a disproportionate representation when it comes to gender not only within music but pretty much any creative industry.

"However, that doesn't make it right and in 2019 it certainly should not be the case."

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The tweet received a lot of mixed responses, with one saying: "Does anyone know the amount of women that were asked to play but chose not too?

"Or priced themselves out of the festival?

"Be interesting to get an insiders view.

"I've seen lots of great female artists headlining festivals, but there's no huge female rock bands around right now."

Another said: "I'm not sold on the idea of 50/50 gender based line-ups (it would probably do more harm than good) but surely they could do better than this?

"But I guess the line-up largely influenced by £££ and record labels regardless of gender?"

DJ Annie Mac also tweeted about the line-up, saying: "Feeling so disheartened about this Reading and Leeds line up.

"At the blatant lack of want to represent women.

"For all the 16-year-old girls going to their first festival at Reading and Leeds 2020 - just know that you DO belong on those stages."

Reading and Leeds Festival organisers have been contacted for a comment.