Plans for a new playground in east Reading are set to be approved next week.

The new play area at green space by the Canal Way/Orts Road junction near the River Kennet, will replace the nearby Avon Place playground.

Reading Borough Council (RBC) will vote on the plans at next Wednesday’s (February 5) Planning Applications committee.

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The £100,000 facility – named Canal Way Play Area – will be at a larger and safer green area than Avon Place, according to a council report.

The result is expected to be a formality as this is the council’s own application, agreed as policy by councillors, and there have been no objections to the proposal.

Close to New Town Primary School, Sun Street Community Centre and the River Kennet, the play area will include a fully accessible wheelchair-friendly carousel.

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In the report, Case officer Alison Amoah explains the thinking behind this addition: “As part of the pre-application process, the Access & Disabilities Group was consulted, which led to the inclusion of a fully accessible wheelchair friendly carousel.

“The proposed equipment is also intended to be suitable for children with disabilities including those with other mobility and sensory impairments.

“Therefore, it is considered that the needs of protected groups have been properly considered and addressed.”

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The green space is currently only lightly used for recreational purposes, according to the report, and will serve families across the estate.

Canal Way Play Area is funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy – a charge on new developments in order to raise funds to help fund infrastructure, facilities and services.

The CIL was introduced in 2010 to help local councils secure the revenue needed to handle the impact of new property developments.

Raised funds can be spent on projects such as improving local transport links or helping to build new schools or GP surgeries.

15 per cent of the levy receipts must be spent on projects agreed with the local community.

In 2019, councillors voted to use some of the 15 per cent recreational funding to replace the old play area at Avon Place.

Members also agreed playground works and other outdoor improvements at Ivydene, Cintra Park, Long Barn Lane Recreation Ground, Coley Recreation Ground and Prospect Park.