THERE is a millionaire hidden among us. It could be anyone. It could be your neighbour. It could be your waitress. It could be your postman. We just don’t know.

But unfortunately, they don’t either.

On September 3, 2019, the Euromillions UK Millionaire Maker drew the code ‘HKZJ 07361’ which is worth £1,000,000.

The code corresponds with a ticket that was drawn in Reading and, as of yet, the life-changing amount of money remains unclaimed.

The unwitting winner has until March 1, 2020, to claim their £1,000,000 prize.

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Ticket owners are being asked to check their tickets again in case they are the winner.

Camelot’s Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor at The National Lottery, said: "Time really is running out for the winner of this prize, but we are still hopeful that someone will come forward at the very last minute to claim the money.

“We’re urging everyone to check their old tickets one final time or look anywhere a missing EuroMillions ticket could be hiding.

“This life-changing prize could really help to make dreams become a reality for someone out there.”

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Anyone who has any queries or who believes they have the winning ticket should call the National Lottery Line on 0333 234 5050 or email

If the money goes unclaimed it will help fund National Lottery funded projects across the U.K.

In the Reading area alone over 900 individual National Lottery grants have been awarded to help projects across the arts, sports, heritage, health, education, environment, charity and voluntary sectors.