MOUNDS of litter and used items have been dumped at a site in Tilehurst where a group of travellers have been evicted.

An encampment was set up in Church End Lane before Christmas, and last week Reading Borough Council was granted a full possession order by the courts to evict them.

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Travellers have today (January 29) set up an encampment in Prospect Park, but it is unknown whether this is the same group who were reportedly moved on yesterday from the Tilehurst site.

Pictures taken of the site show heaps of rubbish, full bin bags and other items - including gas canisters and children's bicycles - left on the field, which is close to a school.

It is unknown whether the litter left outside the bottle banks is related to the travellers.

Tilehurst residents have taken to Facebook to express concerns about the 'unacceptable' behaviour.

Admin of the 'Tilehurst Village' group Vincent Ian Peter Kent said: "As a whole, we are not against the travelling community, so long as they confirm to acceptable behaviour.

"Gaining entry through damage and the leaving of copious amounts of rubbish is not acceptable behaviour.

"Flytipping left outside the bottle banks, which is thought to be the actions of locals, is also unacceptable behaviour."

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Reacting to the news that the council had been granted permission to evict the group, some residents predicted that they would move on to Prospect Park.

Commenting on reports of the court order, one local said last week: "Prospect Park on Wednesday."

Around six caravans can now be seen at Prospect Park.

The council has been contacted for a comment on the situation.