ALLOTMENT thefts and trespassing incidents have prompted Woodley Town Council to take action.

The council addressed issues with the allotment plots on January 21, detailing the key issues in a report, including copycat keys being used by the general public.

It said: "Site security has been an on-going issue for some time.

"Tenants are regularly reporting thefts and non-tenants using the site as a short cut.

"The padlocks have been the same profile for many years and the keys are easily copied and there are thought to be a large number of keys in circulation among residents who are not current plot holders.

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"The large number of old, new and sometimes poorly cut keys also increases wear on the lock barrel meaning there are often keys that cease to work in the locks."

In order to fix these issues, the council has proposed to plough £2,336 into installing new locks and keys.

The keys will be created using a profile that can only be copied with the council's authority - current tenants will also be issued with one key and any more keys provided will cost a deposit charge of £15.

The council also detailed that renewal letters and agreements were sent out in December 2019, with payments and renewals now being processed. According to the report, about 25 prospective tenants are on the waiting list, and as more existing tenants give up their plots, most of those on the waiting list will be granted their own spot.