TV AND STAND-UP comic Dane Baptiste is to kick-start his new tour across the country in Reading.

The new tour, headlined 'The Chocolate Chip', aims to address what Dane sees as anger in the UK and politics - the title of the tour being a wordplay on Dane's understanding that "people look at me and see just an angry black man with a chip on his shoulder."

The tour, which is set to begin on February 20, will begin in South Street Arts Centre, Reading before going across the country from Brighton to Glasgow.

"I've aways liked comedy, and I feel like its my way of getting the most human interaction - I've always used comedy for breaking the ice, speaking to girls when I'm feeling shy, and even job interviews - it's almost like my armour.

"The audiences I talk to aren't really difficult about my politics, which is a pleasant surprise.

"I really do think most people don't submit wholly to one part of the political spectrum - capitalist investment is needed if you want to eat avocados in London everyday, so you can't be fully left-wing, and a right-wing person like Trump has sex with porn stars, so he can't be that conservative either!

"I don't feel like I have to use buzzwords, that way I can have honest discussions about things with everyone."

Dane has been a star guest on on television shows such as Live at the Apollo, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Sunny D, Live at the Palladium and more - Dane has also performed more than his fair share of live stand-up shows, including Reading festival both in 2018 and 2019.

When asked about them, Dane said: "Playing festivals can be acoustically challenging, but it's good because it gives me a chance to challenge myself.

"Festivals are different because a lot of people there have a social cause, or some of them can be quite sensitive, which can make the audience a bit more challenging, but generally festivals are quite fun."

In Dane's new tour he plans to discuss the issues of anger: "I think there's a lot of anger at sexuality, at race, at gender, at mental health and if you're not angry you're not paying attention.

"Regardless of your political position, the country has problems to solve - for a long time the UK has enjoyed relative peace, but sometimes you have to reminded of the price of comfort, which is where the country is now."

Dane Baptiste will be starting his 'Chocolate Chip' tour on February 20 at South Street Arts Centre. For more information CLICK HERE.