FOOD fans have said they are 'not surprised' at the sudden closure of a Reading burger restaurant.

The Handmade Burger Co. has shut its doors along the Oracle riverside with immediate effect after the company collapsed on Thursday.

18 of the burger chain’s restaurants, including Reading, have shut down costing 283 people their jobs.

In response to the news, Reading Chronicle readers were less than surprised at the closures with almost 100 people commenting on the story.

Many blamed the 'underwhelming quality' of the burgers for the latest move.

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Commenting on Facebook, Anna said: “Not surprised at all, their burgers were horrible.”

Others added how their experience was 'the worst burger ever', and one person went as far as to say 'I would rather eat a decomposed badger and chips'.

Andy said: “The burgers were pretty underwhelming, so this is no surprise.”

But not everyone was pleased of the news, Lesley disagreed on Facebook. She said: “Such a shame as the burgers were lovely.”

Another customer also spoke of their sadness in seeing the restaurant close, saying: “I am a bit nostalgic; this was my first meet-up with you guys” and tagged her friends online.


Some people picked up on the lack of customers in the restaurant when they visited. One person commented: “every time we were in there it was empty”. Somebody else added: “I once went in there and there was only about 12 people.”

The discussion online also turned to what could replace the restaurant with commenter Aaron suggesting more unique restaurants come to Reading.

He said: "What about a gaming bar/restaurant? With all different consoles and there should be retro gaming machines like Pac-Man where customers for example pay £1 for three quarters. And they use them for the machines? And unique cocktails too.”

No new plans have been confirmed as to what will replace the closed down restaurant, but Reading Chronicle readers don’t seem too sad to say bye the burger restaurant.