TWO RARE breed pigs who became internet sensations have become to focus of one Wargrave authors newest children's book.

Author Michael Richards decided to document the lives of Mangalitzas Percy and Rupert after they gained a global Facebook following while living at his home.

The autobiography titled ‘Mangalitz Madness’ is written through the eyes of the two pigs.

The book documents their 11 years under Michael’s care and is being sold to raise money for charity.

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Michael documented their lives on Facebook and at the peak of their fame more than 4,000 people from as far as Hong Kong, America, Russia and Australia were following Percy and Rupert’s page.

He said: “Percy and Rupert achieved a cult-like status which would give Peppa Pig and ride for her money.

“They provided joy, entertainment and love to a fan base of thousands.

“They became so well known that people would stop me in the street and ask me how the pigs were.”

One highlight from the two pigs tale was wearing rower Will Satch MBE’s Olympic gold medal when he paid them a visit fresh from his Men’s Eight rowing success at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Michael said: “It was inevitable that I wrote a book to recognise how important they became to me in my life.”

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All the proceeds from the book will go to Holy Trinity Foundations orphanage in Bohol, Philippines.

The author added: “I found it hard to accept, therefore all the proceeds after publication costs will go to the orphanage to help the children cope with their arduous start to life.”

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