A 'MIRACLE' dog who survived being hit by a train in Tilehurst is 'making good progress' and has even been able to walk again.

Bull mastiff Coco ran away from a home in Tilehurst on December 12, where she was being looked after by her owner's mother, Sammy Robb.

As survival instinct kicked in, she lost her usual characteristics and continued to run, even as her name was called.

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A frantic search for the dog took place, before Sammy decided to call National Rail.

Sammy said: "I was told to call Highways England and National Rail to inform them and honestly wasn't sure if it would help much at first.

"When I was speaking with National Rail, they told me the news that a dog matching Coco's description had been struck by a train.

"I couldn't speak. When I calmed down, I asked what the likelihood of her survival was, and was told it was extremely unlikely that she would be alive."

Amazingly, Coco survived the accident, but was left seriously injured.

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In a recent update posted on the Facebook page 'Coco's recovery', Coco can been seen walking outside for the first time since.

the post reads: "There were so many times throughout this process that we thought Coco would never walk again, but despite this we decided to do all we could to give her every chance of recovering. We just wanted her to have a life full of love, no matter what the outcome."

The fact that Coco can now walk again is an 'amazing' achievement for her family, and followers of the story have been left 'thrilled' with the news.

So far, £8,300 has been raised to help towards Coco's medical fees, but more is needed to reach the target of £10,000.

She is receiving treatment at one of the best vets in the country in order to help her with her complex injuries.

To keep updated with Coco's progress, visit the Facebook page set up to inform people about her recovery.