FOREIGN students at the University of Reading embraced a thoroughly English introduction to their studies with an evening of Morris dancing.

The 60 students, who arrived for exchange programmes at the university, took to the tradition going back hundreds of years with huge enthusiasm.

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The dance was uniquely adapted for them by Hurst Morris People (HuMP) dancer Brian Jones and 13 other HuMP dancers last Friday.

Jane Lansdowne, Erasmus and Study Abroad administrator, said: “The students’ faces lit up as they watched the dancing.

"They’d never seen it before. They thoroughly enjoyed doing it themselves. It was a really good experience.”

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Patricia Mathu, 19, from Wisconsin, USA, said: "I love it, it was upper fun. It reminds me of line dancing and country dancing at home."

Judy Jones, HuMP lead teacher, said: “We told the students about the history of Morris and about our dancing. The students joined in with great enthusiasm, life and joy.

“Our dancers and four musicians did a great job introducing our quintessentially English pastime to the students and helping to spread news about it around the world.”