TELEPHONE BOXES are under threat of removal across Reading and Wokingham, after BT consults councils.

BT put forward the proposition to remove the boxes to Wokingham Borough Council, who were told they could agree to the removal, disagree with BT's proposal and keep the boxes as they are, or have local councils/local groups adopt them.

The telephone boxes have had a maximum of 144 calls made with them throughout 2019, with one telephone box on the list having not been used at all in the space of 12 months.

A previous consultation for telephone box removals was held on December 19 for other phone boxes in Lower Earley, Woodley, Crowthorne, Spencers Wood, Wargrave and Twyford -this led to five out of 11 boxes being adopted by their local councils, three were to remain as they are, and the remaining three phone boxes were to be removed.

The proposed telephone boxes to be cut are at the Shopping Centre, Kilnsea Drive, Lower Earley, the junction of Hearn Rd &Drovers Way, Woodley, the junction of Welford Rd & Headley Road East, Woodley, the junction of Baslow Rd and Reading Rd, Winnersh, the junction of Reading Rd & Emmbrook Rd, Wokingham, and the junction of Holt Lane & Reading Rd, Wokingham.

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Keith Baker, Councillor for Woodley town, said: "We have recently been contact by BT to advise that they are looking to take out of use 6 telephone boxes within the Wokingham area and therefore have asked us to consult with regards to this.

"They have already placed notices within the phone boxes which are effected and have asked for anyone who wishes to pass comment to contact the council direct, however we also wanted to give you all an opportunity to discuss this within your towns and parishes.

"BT have asked us to consult to decide if each of the phone boxes should Stay as is, Be fully removed, If they should be adopted by local groups.

"If you feel the telephone box in your area should be adopted we would like to know if the parish/town council would consider taking on the responsibility for this.

"Should you have comment with regards to the removal of any of these boxes please email by February 14."

The consultation date to discuss plans for the telephone booths is set to take place on February 20.