A '200-YEAR-OLD oak tree' in Lower Earley is under threat of being felled.

The old English Oak tree, which is adjacent to Measham Way, Lower Earley, approximates 4m in girth and has been put to Wokingham Borough Council to consider a planning application.

The applicant, whose address was in Colchester at the time of submission, made the request to fell, treat the stump and replace it on October 28, 2019.

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Although the final decision is yet to be made, community members in Lower Earley have raised their discontent on Facebook, with one commenter stating: "It would be sad indeed to lose this splendid healthy tree.

"I feel the council should explore all remedial measures and do an independent survey of its own before a final decision is taken."

The tree reportedly dates back 200 years according to the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association.