LONG-TIME friends Jane Berrell and Kay Chamberlain have decided to 'brave the shave' to raise funds for charities that have impacted them throughout their lives.

Jane, aged 56 and a mobile hairdresser local to Lower Earley, had undergone numerous brain operations due to a cyst that had been 'growing for years'.

She said: "In 2012 I had an emergency lift in the air ambulance to the John Radcliffe which resulted in a brain operation.

"Over the years several more followed, so no more please."

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She added: "I feel eternally grateful that I didn’t have cancer in my brain - It was just a cyst, which was unlucky and had been growing for years.

"I know many people who have been affected by cancer - it is an awful disease and those who have the help of the Macmillan nurses are so fortunate to be supported with dignity and love.

"Alzheimers also affects so many of my friends - I was very lucky and privileged to know Kay’s mum before she passed away from Alzheimers.

"So in a mad moment I decided to do this brave thing for charity."

Money from the 'brave shave' is going towards Macmillan Cancer Support, Thames Vally Air Ambulance and Alzheimers Society.

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Kay Chamberlain, a Lower Earley resident, aged 56, and a Seamstress at Pangbourne College said: "I am known for being spontaneous and a bit off-the-wall, so this opportunity was a no-brainer.

"I’m looking forward to doing interesting things with headscarves, but hope I’m not setting myself up for cranial frostbite - maybe we should have done this in summer.

"When I was having my head shaved for the first time, It felt weird in the beginning because the clippers made such a weird noise - I deliberately didn't look.

"I also wanted to shave my head to see how grey my hair had really gone, as I'd been dyeing my hair for hundreds of years - I was pleasantly surprised at how my hair had gone a nice silver."

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"I lost my mother to Alzheimers two years ago, so I am raising money for Alzheimers Society and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance."

Since both ladies have had their heads shaved, free of charge and courtesy of Stones Hair Design in Lower Earley, Jane has chosen to wear a wig on special occasions, whereas Kay has embraced her "kiwi-fruit look", considering keeping her hair short.

The women managed to supersede their own expectations, raising £1,300 for the various charities when they initially had their sights set on raising £1,000.

To contribute to their cause, CLICK HERE.