THE community has rallied together and raised £45,000 for treatment for a young Reading boy whose cancer has returned.

Charlie Ilsley from Emmer Green was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, the most high-grade brain tumour found in children, when he was only eight years old, following weeks of unexplained vomiting and neck pain.

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Following treatment, he went into remission in 2016, but in March 2018 the cancer returned after a routine scan picked up five tumours on his spine.

The twelve year old then underwent treatment for brain and secondary spinal cancer in Turkey, which cost more than £81,000.

Charlie was given the all clear and began Immunotherapy treatment in Germany to prevent the cancer from returning.

However, following a routine scan in November this year, doctors confirmed there were cancer cells in Charlie's spinal fluid.

Charlie's mother, Toni, said she couldn't eat or sleep following the news describing the situation as "hell".

She explained "you're thinking your child might die" and "there's nothing you can do".

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After speaking with doctors, Toni decided to fly Charlie to Germany for a slightly different form of Immunotherapy however the family needed £20,000 to pay for the treatment.

Claire Brown from the Cotswolds, who has been fundraising for Charlie's treatment since she saw his plight on Channel 4s Stand Up to Cancer, asked people on Facebook to donate towards the treatment.

Within three days, around £45,000 had been raised which Claire described as "incredible".

Toni added: "I want to thank everyone especially Claire – I can’t thank her enough, she’s been amazing and to everyone for supporting us.”

The next step for Charlie is to have an operation funded by the NHS where an Ommaya reservoir will be put under his scalp and into his spinal fluid.

This will mean chemotherapy can be administered here directly.

Toni said: "There's hope and they (the NHS) are going to help us."

She added she is going to make Christmas special for Charlie.

To donate, please click here.