A GLOBETROTTING golden relay baton has made its way from mainland Europe all the way to Woodley.

The Big Community Relay was introduced in September and was intended to travel across different sites used by running group Parkrun which has a base in the town.

Some 15 batons were originally released at the start of the campaign, all of which were fitted with GPS tracking to see how far it had travelled.

Despite the campaign finishing at the beginning of December, many Parkrun members continue to pass around the batons.

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Sarah Potter, a resident of Woodley, attended the Parkrun in Hamburg, Germany, when she received the golden baton and was told to bring it back to Woodley.

She passed it on to fellow volunteer Juliet Fenwick, who will now take it to Copenhagen when Juliet goes on her next visit.

Sarah Hilling, volunteer for Woodley Parkrun, said: "Some of you may have heard of the Gold Community Baton Relay which was organised by

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Leeds Building Society - partner company to Parkrun.

"While the event itself has ended, the 15 batons are still travelling around the Parkrun community.

"Sarah Potter went to Alstervorland Parkrun in Hamburg last weekend and was kindly given one of the Big Community Relay batons to bring to Woodley park run and hand on to someone else. "Despite the attempted theft by a mystery banana, today, the magical handover took place.

"After completing the Woodley Parkrun with the gold baton, Sarah handed it over to Juliet Fenwick who was volunteering today.

"Juliet is off to Copenhagen for her next Parkrun so will be taking the baton and passing it on again."

If you are interested in following the travelling batons, CLICK HERE.