A Woodley Town councillor has resigned from the Conservative Party and declared his support for Reading East Labour candidate Matt Rodda.

Councillor Majid Nagra represents Loddon South on Woodley Town Council and was a Wokingham Borough Council candidate for the Conservatives in 2018.

He was also a member of the Reading East Conservatives’ executive committee, where he represented Loddon Ward.

He is now sitting as an independent on the town council.

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Cllr Nagra said: “This election is going to be really close and Matt is the only candidate who can beat the Tories here.

“Since it could be a hung parliament, I urge Reading East residents to vote for Matt to stop Boris Johnson getting a majority”

Mr Rodda is standing to be elected MP in Reading East for the Labour Party.

He was elected in 2017 by more than 3,000 votes and is up against Tory candidate Craig Morley this time around as well as candidates from three other parties.

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Mr Rodda said: “Cllr Nagra is well known as a hard working local councillor and I appreciate his support.

“Many local Conservative voters are deeply unhappy with Boris Johnson and his Brexit policy. I would ask them to consider voting for me to help stop Boris Johnson.”

David McElroy, Green Party candidate, responded: “I’m not surprised.

“Matt Rodda has been an excellent MP and the news about the sheer number of porkies the Tories are telling on social media according to First Draft News would make anyone ashamed to share a platform with them.

“Good on Mr. Nagra for taking a principled stand.”

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Lib Dem candidate Imogen Shepherd-DuBey said: "Well done to Cllr Nagra for saying this. I also believe that we need to stop the disastrous Conservatives Brexit Plan. All residents do need to follow their hearts on how they vote on Thursday

All Reading East candidates have been approached for comment.

The candidates standing this year are:

Yemi Awolola, Christian People’s Alliance

Mitchell Feierstein, Brexit Party

David McElroy, Green Party

Craig Morley, Conservative Party

Matt Rodda, Labour Party

Imogen Shepherd-DuBey, Liberal Democrats